Bold visions
require bold

We see potential where others see problems.

BOTTERMANN::KHORRAMI is a legal consulting firm, which is known for its 360-degree multidisciplinary expertise in legal, tax and business consulting support.

We consistently work in a solution-oriented environment, attach great importance to maintaining a close client relationship and are never at a loss for a precise answer. Our firm provides what is required to implement the plan or solve the needs of our clients – and more: In addition to reporting on the legal aspects of a case, we also take into account the commercial considerations. We have contacts all over the world, which we use for the benefit of our clients. Their success is the measure of the quality of our service.

We advise individuals and medium-sized enterprises – particularly investors, project developers and investment companies – on the application of German law as well as in a global exposure to real estate and commercial law. And in a language that is understood: We offer advice in a number of languages, are familiar with a diverse range of cultures and thus formulate coherent responses. This makes us the ideal partner for international projects.

Connecting us and our clients:
the BK-principles.

We want to understand.
We always strive to put ourselves into the mindset of our clients and listen attentively to the wishes and proposals they put forward.

We want to be understood.
Technical and legal terms have their place in contracts. In communication with clients, we respond with answers that are comprehensible to all.

We are personal.
We assign to each client a dedicated contact person who coordinates the entire project and to whom the client has direct access at all times. This creates the basis for a close and trusting working relationship.

We are creative.
We develop our own ideas and concepts that through discussion with clients can contribute to the overall business project.

We think and act with a business mindset.
We believe that sound advice should also incorporate the commercial aspects of a project. We expedite our work efficiently while at the same time delivering a strategic long term vision.

We make it easy for our clients.
Our clients enjoy both binding and reliable response times and the fact that we make ourselves available to be reached at any time.

We drive ourselves onwards.
In order to consistently provide a high level of expertise, we continuously update our legal knowledge, technical knowhow and awareness within the industry. Our aim: to improve every day.

A vision and its story.

Our vision: a firm that specializes in all aspects of business law in its entire scope, depth and complexity; which develops solutions to large law firm level, works efficiently and places the wishes and needs of their clients above all.

The paths of the founders, Uwe Bottermann and Dr. Esfandiar Khorrami, crossed in the Berlin office of Clifford Chance. During this time, the desire was created to become independent with their own approach to consulting and service.

With the founding of Bottermann::Khorrami in 2007 they made their vision a reality. Initially, they focused on real estate law but with time and along with the challenges, the range of consulting services grew along with the workforce. Today, there are 11 professionals and 15 other support personnel in the firm. This strategy remains true to the founders for the future: the company is growing organically along with its mandates and clients.

We provide solutions not just good advice.

Bottermann::Khorrami has international experience and consults across a broad spectrum of business transactions with an international dimension. We provide a dual-directional service: Overseas clients with projects in Germany will find answers to all their questions on the application of German law (“inbound” advice). Additionally, we advise clients with global commitments, we take on the role as project manager and liaise with overseas contacts and advisers (“outbound” advice). Wherever our clients see a commercial opportunity, we are at their side. Even if this means providing support in sectors and countries that have yet to become part of our consulting services.

Our clients.

One office.
Clients from thirty countries.


Good advice never sleeps.


Katharina-Heinroth-Ufer 1
10787 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 240 899 – 444
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