4. Banking and Finance

We advise on virtually all aspects of financing for businesses and planned projects. In particular, our expertise includes structured finance, debt disposal, legal structure of closed funds, fund financing and real estate financing.

4.1. Bank Financing

We provide advice and support particularly in the area of contract negotiation and drafting for our clients in relation to banks. This pertains not only to the initial funding of a project but also to the re-refinancing. We also help our clients in monitoring the contractual obligations of the loan over the full term of the loan commitment.

  • negotiating and drafting of loan agreements
  • loan documentation
  • loan monitoring
  • security documentation
  • land charge orders
  • assignment and pledge agreements, guarantees

4.2. Alternative Financing Models

In addition to the traditional bank financing, we also advise on alternative models of funding, such as through subordinated capital or through other equity investments. In addition, we also design hybrid forms of financing (mezzanine)

  • profit participation rights
  • subordinated loans
  • participating loans
  • typical and atypical silent partnerships
  • shareholder loans
  • mezzanine debt and equity mezzanine

4.3. Management of Credit Exposure

We advise financial investors on the acquisition and disposal of individual loans, on selected loan portfolios as well as on the management of credit exposure.

  • contract documentation
  • due diligence of
    – performing
    – non-performing
    – sub-performing loans
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