3. Corporate

We represent companies and shareholders as well as members of boards of directors, managing directors, supervisory boards and administrative boards in all corporate matters. Our areas of expertise include, the German Stock Corporation (AG), Limited Liability Company (GmbH) and corporate group law as well as intra-corporate litigation and restructuring.

3.1. Establishment, Structuring, Transformation and Reorganization of Enterprises

We set up companies for our clients and draft partnership agreements as well
as corporate articles and statutes for them. We provide legal assistance to companies in the corporate restructuring, while taking into account tax and legal liability issues.

  • set up of companies (GmbH, AG, KG)
  • mergers
  • divisions
  • outsourcing
  • profit transfer agreements

3.2. Corporate Law

Our familiarity with diverse aspects of corporate governance enables us to advise companies and management in all corporate matters. We also assist our clients with all procedural queries and issues.

  • board of directors, management, directors’ affairs
  • preparation and execution of shareholder meetings and general meetings
  • specialist expert opinion
  • advice and representation in disputes
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