2. Commercial

We advise domestic and foreign companies from various industries as well as non-profit organizations on all legal issues that arise in connection with their activities both in and outside Germany.

2.1. Contracts

We assist our overseas clients to successfully gain a market foothold with their products and services in Europe and particularly in Germany. Conversely, we support our German clients in their international expansion and prepare the necessary contracts. We help keeping risks low and formulating appropriate warranty provisions.

  • terms and conditions for supply and purchase agreements
  • terms and conditions for e-commerce and online trade
  • service contracts (agency / service agreements)
  • manufacturing and supply agreement
  • confidentiality agreements
  • international trade contracts
  • joint venture agreements and cooperation agreements
  • 2.2. Competition and Compliance

    In addition to drafting contracts, we also take special care of their implementation and application to real business life as well as our clients’ protection beyond contractual relationships. We also assist our clients in creating the optimal organizational policy and procedures to continuously succeed within the legal framework.

    • contract management
    • compliance guidelines
    • regular updates and training, in particular to:
      – money laundering
      – competition conduct
    • national and international trademark application

    2.3. Dispute Resolution and Litigation / Dispute Settlement and Representation

    We are there for our clients in all cases of infringements to their rights. We advise them on the available legal procedures and defend their interests in court. Our lawyers have experience in instance of the German courts and have also been effective in the management of complex litigation. In addition, we are well versed with alternative dispute resolution (e.g. mediation and arbitration).

    We this experience we can assess the risks and uncertainties of a dispute at the early stages. We discuss the risks and costs with the client, relative to the prospects of success.

    • enforcement of claims
    • defense against claims
    • for all German instance courts (district courts, state supreme court, labour and administrative court)
    • Federal Administrative Court and Federal Labour Court
    • alternative dispute resolution
      – mediation
      – arbitration
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