Berlin law firm Bottermann Khorrami LLP provides legal advice in real estate transactions worth some EUR 285 million in 2015

Jan 2, 2016
  • Legal advice provided in over 50 commercial real estate deals
  • Appropriate debt financing worth EUR 160 million supported and structured
  • Focus on deals involving foreign structures

Berlin, 26 January 2016 – Berlin-based law firm Bottermann Khorrami LLP (BK Law) provided legal advice in over 50 commercial real estate transactions in Germany last year. The volume of the properties amounted to around EUR 285 million. The firm’s services include providing advice on and helping structure appropriate debt financing. The borrowed capital involved totals EUR 160 million.

“The year 2015 was a very successful one for our firm,” says Dr. Esfandiar Khorrami, lawyer and partner at BK Law. “Providing legal advice on all legal matters in the real estate sector is our core area of expertise. So I am particularly pleased to see the growth in this segment.”

Uwe Bottermann, lawyer and partner, adds: “One of the areas our work focuses on is supporting international clients who are looking to invest in real estate in Germany. International structures played a role in 75 per cent of the transactions we helped support in 2015.”

BK Law’s clients come mainly from the Anglo-American world, Israel and Asia, and include fund companies as well as numerous family offices active in international investing. Most of the transactions involve real estate in Germany, with a focus on commercial (retail parks) and residential properties.

“We continue to see great interest in the German real estate market among foreign investors. Investors looking to enter the German market have a particularly high need for legal advice. The German legal system is complicated and is full of distinctive characteristics and pitfalls that foreign investors do not quite anticipate,” Dr. Khorrami adds. “We therefore believe that we will be able to match and beat that excellent result this year.”

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